The Lone Aspen

The Lone Aspen

I found this tree to be unusual in that Aspens usually grow in groves and that this one was all alone. That’s what initially grabbed my attention for this shot. Now all I had to do was wait for that perfect light and boy did the sky explode with color yesterday evening.

Did you know that a grove of Aspens is one single organism? The grove is connected by one single root system and in fact, is one of the largest living organisms on the planet. The largest known aspen grove is in Utah and is known as Pando. Not only is it one of the largest known organisms on earth; it is also one of the oldest living organisms on earth at 80,000 years old.

I found it unusual to find this one single aspen growing by itself. It seemed as if it were out of place. To me this is one element that helps make this an interesting and compelling image not to mention the awesome light.

So here are the technical details. The picture was taken around 6:45pm. That’s when the sky just went off and exploded with amazing hues of purple and pink. This image was taken with my Canon 1d mk iii with a 2x teleconverter connected to a Canon 70-200mm L lens.  So my focal length ended up being 226mm.  I had the lens stopped down to f/22 to allow for a long exposure of 30 seconds and my camera was set to ISO 100.  I wanted that long exposure to allow the clouds to move while the image was being exposed to soften them and create a wispy appearance.  I had scouted this tree out about an hour earlier and knew right away I was going to use it as an element in my composition.  I mentioned above as to why it caught my attention. There was a thin layer of clouds so I knew that there was going to be some color in the sky during sunset and that the tree would look nice silhouetted against the colorful sky.  While scouting for locations to shoot your images, pay attention to the direction you will be shooting them from and what the weather is doing.  Paying attention to these details and applying them to how you will compose your images will make a big difference in the images  you walk away with.

Until next time get out there and shoot!

~ by stefanolsonphoto on March 12, 2013.

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  1. wow! This is the first time I’ve see your blog. FANTASTIC! Going to look at your March blog next. The writing was VERY interesting to read.

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