The Gronk Revisited

Last night the conditions were perfect for me to go revisit The Gronk and get the type of shot I was looking for the other night.  Don’t get me wrong, the image in my previous post is a great image, I just thought that it was missing that umph that it needed to make it a really powerful image.  Last night there was not a cloud in the sky and the conditions were clear.  There was one other major difference however in the conditions last night from the night the image in my last post was taken and that was the absence of moonlight.  Which was good for letting the stars pop out of the sky but provided no light on the subject matter.  Now I could have set up my lighting and gotten really complex with how this scene was lit but instead I opted for a more resourceful and simplistic approach.  I used the parking lights on my vehicle!  My car was positioned behind the camera to the right.  I used the parking lights because I liked the funky colors that they give off and if I had used the headlights they would have been too overpowering.  I also repositioned the angle that the image was taken from in my last post.  This was primarily because the other angle faced towards town and I did not want the light pollution from town to affect the image.

I took the above image around 9:00pm.  My camera settings ended up being F/20 with a 20 min exposure at ISO 800 with my 24-105 mounted on my 5dmkiii again backed out to 24mm to get that wide angle of view.  I wanted a small aperture setting to widen my depth of field so that both the stars and the structure would be in focus and to allow for that long exposure time of 20 minutes so that I would get the stars streaking across the sky.  I also wanted to wait till there was no light from the sun still being reflected off the sky and have found that 9:00pm works well around here.  I am pretty happy with this image now but Im sure I will continue to revisit this scene and shoot it in different conditions.

Until next time get out there and shoot!

~ by stefanolsonphoto on March 8, 2013.

One Response to “The Gronk Revisited”

  1. Hey, just clicked on this one (after reading last month’s blog). Wasn’t dissapointed. Great write-up. Neat how you used your vehicle to light the “thing”. COOL! Keep these blogs comming. Looking forward to April.

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